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  • What is The Last Straw?


    A bit about us

    The Last Straw is a campaign to reduce the use of the plastic straws in venues around Australia. We aim to tackle the issue from both sides- encouraging consumers to use less plastic straws and encouraging businesses to give out less straws through staff training and information.


    Why straws?


    Mass plastic use is a huge problem that contributes massive amounts to landfill and has a negative impact on ocean eco systems. Plastic straws are an unnecessary convenience with a big impact. Single use plastics, especially straws, are having an adverse affect on our world, and it's time to do something about it.


    There is an alarming disconnect between what’s in our hands and where it comes from, or what it means for the future. A plastic straw in my gin might seem innocent enough, but multiply that by the billions of people that buy billions of drinks across the world every single day, and you start to get an idea of the scale of the problem we’re looking at. That straw I threw away after stirring my drink will outlive me and everyone else on this planet. Unless we do something to change.


    The vision

    The Last Straw is about changing the culture around unnecessary plastic straw use, from consumers to venues. A shift of consumer focus to organics, Fairtrade, local sourcing, low waste and increased sustainability means that we are becoming more conscious of where we put our money. We want to know that our purchases are not having a negative impact on the world- and who can blame us?


    This is more than a trend. This a permanent and intentional move to shift our lifestyle to match our beliefs. At The Last Straw, we believe that it makes no sense to continue to use plastic straws at the volume we do, and that big change can be made through small everyday actions driven by you.


    What can you do?


    If you are a venue:

    Sign up to become a member of The Last Straw and get some awesome perks- including staff training, fun merchandise and some front and center profiling on our super active social media accounts.


    If you are an individual:

    1. Order your drink without a straw next time you go out.

    2. Give us a like on Facebook and share the page with your friends

    3. If you're super keen, there's a donation option on this page.


    Thanks in advance for all your support!


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  • FAQ

    Some answers to our most commonly asked questions

    What's the alternative?

    At The Last Straw, we believe in looking at the big picture. In our minds, there is no disposable straw alternative that can replace the plastic straw one to one. It's just replacing waste with waste. When you think about it, 500 million straws is still 500 million straws, whether it's paper or plastic, and that paper has to come from somewhere. The heart of this campaign, and what we believe is the answer to so much waste littering our environment, is that we are just using too much stuff, and that stuff is starting to have a really bad impact on our planet. Our message revolves around using less by asking for your drink without a straw, or getting your venue to adopt a policy of giving straws out on request only. Once straw use has been reduced, we then encourage venues to look at a re-usable alternative that suits them.

    What about people that need to use a plastic straw?

    There are some people that do need to use a straw to consume their food and drink, and for some of that group of people, plastic is the safest and easiest option for them. This is something that we heartily acknowledge at The Last Straw. If only people that needed plastic straws used them, we wouldn't have such a big problem. However, there is a lot of unnecessary waste being produced by people who don't need to use a straw, and by the service industry being in the habit of giving them out. Our issue is not with the people that need to use straws, or even straws themselves, but the sheer volume that are being used and thrown away unnecessarily. We completely support anyone that physically needs to use a straw, even if the easiest one for them is plastic.

    When this campaign began, we just wanted to see venues using less straws. The whole conversation around straw use has got a lot bigger than that- and us- now, and at the end of the day we can't control what straws venues decide to use, or where the momentum of plastic waste goes. Within our venue resource kit, we encourage venues to continue stock some kind of straws in order to serve the people who might need them. We also hope that venues would know their locals and continue to stock the straws that their patrons with special needs (when it comes to straw use) prefer or need to use. We also encourage people who need to use a straw, who are able to, to speak with their favourite local venues about stocking the straws that they are most comfortable with, or bringing their favourite kind of straw with them when they go out.

    The last thing we want to do is help create one problem by solving another. the campaign is about reducing the mass of plastic hat is choking our oceans, not to impede access for those who need to use a straw. If there is anything else we can be doing, or a better way to communicate this, please don't hesitate to email us.

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  • About Us


    Eva Mackinley

    Eva started The Last Straw in 2015 after an 'ah-ha' moment while she was working in hospitality and throwing hundreds of plastic straws in the bin every night. Since then, the movement has grown to over 500 member venues across Australia, 60,000 views of the venue map, signing on Grill'd and the Sydney Opera House and appearing in major media outlets like SBS National, the National Geographic, Virgin's Voyeur magazine, Triple J's Hack, War on Waste Season 2 and The Project.

    With over ten years in the field of campaigning and community development, Eva is an expert on movement building and creating 'sticky' ideas. To enquire after Eva as a speaker, panel guest, for media comment or as a consultant, please email hello@laststraw.com.au

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